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Dear Grower, Smoker, Stoner! 50 FREE Seeds of Modern Potent Strains like Caramelicious, Mary Juanita and Le Fruit Defendu REWARD!

Welcome !
Growers and smokers around the world always ask us for seeds that will grow into more potent(THC), tastier cannabis plants.

That's why every year we produce seeds from the generation of selected motherplants from the best Dutch strains on market.
For the best genetics of cannabis seeds !!!
Because everybody knows that if You have a good seed, the plant will be more potent and it will have bigger buds.
Our prices are low (like from 25EUR) because we are cannabis enthusiasts and we think 'greed is not good'.

And if You need help growing or choosing strain, write to us through our contact form and we'll be happy to help You

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Content writers needed, only 420 friendly, contact us.

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